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Bakhtera Freight Worldwide (BFW) is a International Freight Forwarding which concentrate on the air freight, sea freight, warehousing, logistics and other transportation services with focus of services throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific with more that 10 years experiences on the business.

Bakhtera Freight Worldwide (BFW) is supported by The Batasa Groups ( as the financial services company which focuses on asset managements, investments, finance consulting. One of their products (Asia Fixed Income Fund) is ranked no.1 for all Asia Pacific Region for (

We supported by dedicated own branch offices which spread of Indonesia islands with experience and professional staff with diversified skills and talents from all area of industries for more than 50 person from all of those origin.

With the strength of our International and Domestic team and our advance information or communication technology system gives customers, partners an efficient value added services. All offices is supported by modern information technology that visibility for inventory, order processing and trace and tracking systems.

We understand that in this highly competitive and fast-moving world you need a partner you can trust with and you can rely without question. A partner that become solution on your business that you can count on, one with the financial strength, global resources, and proven systems and processes that will give you the peace of mind which comes from knowing that everything is under control.