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A great nation is a nation that is able to stand on its own feet. Indonesia is a great nation, that Allah the Almighty bestowed with natural resources and abundant human resources. Rightly this great nation showed its independence, reduce and even break away from dependence on other nations.

Tax Amnesty is a government instrument that does not merely serve as a source of state income ( budgetary) , but it has more functions to move the treasure ( regulern ) from the rich to the poor, transferring wealth from other countries to Indonesia (repatriation ), planting of capital (investment) that will create economic growth in Indonesia. Economic growth will open up new business opportunities that will automatically absorb labor.Increased activity will work to raise the purchasing power, thus demand ( demand ) will increase. Increasing demand will certainly bring up the subject of the tax and the new tax object (extension) which would increase tax revenues in the future.

Tax amnesty call the sons of the nation to return the treasures that are scattered in many countries returned to Indonesia. These countries need funds to build. If we have the ability to own, what appealed to other nations.

Tax amnesty need people with big hearts to uncover their treasures that maybe forgot been reported in the Annual Notice Letter (SPT). It is not an act stupid and pointless as this disclosure Reserved. Data revealed no guarantee will not be checked again and the lack of legal certainty in terms of taxation through the Certificate of Tax Forgiveness.

Tax Amnesty has also called sons of the nation in the country to participate uncover treasures that have not been disclosed in the tax return to report the SPT and kekhilafannya redeem it through the Tax Payment Letter (SSP) in the Bank’s perception / Post Office.

Tax amnesty last chance to make amends, because only given the opportunity till 31 March 2017. If the data that still hidden is revealed it will be the appropriate taxation measures applicable rules and sanctions such as fines rise to 200% of the income tax that is not paid or underpaid.